Marriage and Family

Creating Success in Your Relationship

The other day I wore a T-shirt (one that says, "I {heart} my marriage.") You should have seen the looks and reactions I got! One divorced lady exclaimed, "You've got to be kidding!" I believe it's been politically incorrect to state, "I love my marriage." We hear about the 50% failure rate of marria... [read more]

Surviving the Pressure in Today's World

The families of today are facing incredible pressures trying to exist in a society which does little to support nurturance and growth of the family dynamic. Statistics of family success do little more than bring fear into the hearts of those who attempt to build Godly marriages built on Biblical pri... [read more]

Why Marriages Fail and What to do About It

By many accounts researchers report that approximately 50% of first marriages, 76% of second marriages, and 84% of third and subsequent marriages fail. Sadly enough, those statistics hold true even in the Christian community. Obviously, we have some work to do if we are to emulate the model of marri... [read more]

Blended Families

Issues Facing the Step- Family

The Blended family—somehow it sounds so strange to those readers who have managed to maintain the traditional nuclear environment. Yet, at every turn, we encounter families torn apart for reasons ranging from death to abuse. Statistics tell us that more than 45 percent of the people who get marrie... [read more]

Ministry Leaders and Pastors

Intervening through Shepherd's Heart Ministry

“I remember the exact point I hit bottom. I was staring into a bathroom mirror with a bottle of sleeping pills in my hand A voice of reason began to speak… but a second voice interrupted, “Don’t think, just swallow. Don’t think, just swallow.” And I did. I assumed one bottle of pres... [read more]

Anatomy of Temptation

Don’t say it can never happen to you. It almost happened to me. I was in a particularly vulnerable time of my life, feeling emotionally distant from my family, betrayed and confused, without a safe place to unburden myself. I was questioning my ministry, wondering if I was really having any impact... [read more]

Burnout: How You Got There and How to Get Out

Help! I’m Sinking and I’m the Pastor Burnout: How You Get There & How to Get Out Both in ministry and in life, the disparity between idealistic expectations and hard reality creates the greatest disappointment an individual can experience. Early in their ministry assignments, pastors and mis... [read more]