How We Do It

Our method is simple. Initially we will have you start the screening process by filling out a short online form.

Your information is then sent securely to our Intake Administrator who will call you, listen to you, pray with you and complete the screening process.

While keeping your information, issues and name confidential, you can rest assure knowing that the Shepherd's Heart Team is praying for you as soon as the screening process starts.

The intensive counseling consists of 20-25 hours spread out over the course of one week. During that week, you will stay at one of Shepherd's Heart's secluded retreat centers. This will provide you a clear and care-free environment where you will be loved and cared for during a five day intensive that is solely focused on you. We find this model works well because it provides you solitude and time for individual work.

And even further, for the year following your initial intensive, you will have access to the counselors that worked with you - providing follow-up care when you need it!

If this sounds appealing you, then click to learn how to start the process.