A Covenant is designed by God himself as a loving, supportive agreement between two people, which is bound in heaven and based on trust. Contracts are designed by men, binding on earth and based on distrust between two parties.

Shepherd's Heart Ministry is looking for Covenant Partners who will join SHM in their efforts to minister to God’s hurting shepherds. When the shepherd is healthy, their flock will be healthy and when the shepherd is sick or hurting, the flock will suffer.

Should you prayerfully decide to covenant with Shepherd's Heart Ministry, your support can be contributed on a monthly basis; as a one-time gift; or by sponsoring a ministry leader and their spouse for one week of intensive counseling at one of our retreat centers.

If you live in Denver, Colorado or the Toronto, Canada region and would like to volunteer with Shepherd's Heart Ministry, there are a number of ways you can get involved. Volunteers are needed to: enter data; prepare hospitality baskets; prepare meals and/or clean at the retreat centers; assist with mailings; help with events; make phone calls or other areas depending on the God given gifts and talents you have. An application, confidentiality statement, background check and references, will be required. If you have prayerfully considered this commitment, or have additional questions, please let us know!

In God’s eyes, no gift is too small. Truly, “When God decides, He provides.” We thank you in advance for your generous heart, your prayers, and your support.