Sample Video Teachings

Pastor Larry Russell

The Proverbs 31 Woman

For thousands of years, God-fearing women have looked to the noble, or virtuous (KJV), woman of Proverbs 31 as their ideal. Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, probably had this role model of the virtuous woman in the forefront of her mind from earliest childhood. Most Jewish women did, for this poem was traditionally recited in the Jewish home every week on the eve of the Sabbath. But what about today’s woman? Of what value can this ancient poem be to the diverse, complex life-styles of women today? To the married, to the single, to the young, to the old, to those working outside the home or inside the home, to those women with children or without children? It is more relevant than you might at first expect — although it is also too good to be true. - [view video]

Integrity in the World Today

One of Job's defenses to his friends was his integrity. See Job 27:5. Alternate translations for this word in Job are "blameless" and "upright." Other verses in the Bible consider integrity as a basis on which to be judged. See Psalm 7:8. Even God argued that Job's integrity was a reason for his blessing when Satan was trying to derail his faith. See Job 2:3. Integrity is a protection. See Psalm 25:21. Integrity is even seen as a guide for life according to the Bible. See Proverbs 11:3. Without God, however, integrity is not maintainable. According to Psalm 41:12, King David's integrity was upheld by God. It was accompanied by God's mercy, by victory over his enemies and by a tangible access to God's presence. He even prayed that his integrity would protect him in Psalm 25:21. - [view video]

Foundations of Marriage

Just as every building needs a foundation if it is going to stand, so too marriage needs a foundation. It takes significant time and effort to lay the foundation. Without it the house will crack and crumble. A marriage is no different and we need to consider what makes a solid foundation for marriage. - [view video]

Sex in a Godly Marriage

When two people marry they become key partners in the work of God's grace to sanctify one another. In essence two people who marry form the smallest unit of God's church. The two people have divine roles in leading each other towards holiness. The man is to lead and guide his wife in the Spirit and Word whereas the woman is to work at completing her husband spiritually through respecting and assisting the man in his walk, sanctification, and mission with the Lord. Both have a responsibility to aid one another in sanctification. - [view video]

Spiritual Leadership - The Husband's Role in the Family

What is the role of the husband in marriage? Many ideas abound from extremely passive to absolute dictator. With humanistic attacks on marriage and the family, the role of the husband has been clouded and confused. If you add to this common misunderstandings of Scriptural authority and Biblical principles, it is amazing the amount of pressure that is placed on men. If marriages and families are going to be healthy we must understand and apply God's requirements for all family members. So what are God's requirements for husbands? Watch this sample of Pastor Larry shares his insight and application. - [view video]